Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Checkmate SAPP!

That's the power of incumbency ladies & gentlemen!

What more if you hold the highest office in the nation.

What no-confidence motion?

Read SAPP’s withdraws no-confidence motion threat

SAPP has thrown in the towel. As being said by yours truly and many others with regard to SAPP's intended motion in parliament, it's easier said than done!

Now with the dilemma facing Najib & Anwar, SAPP's drama coming to an end and the failure of whatever protests done by the opposition (e.g. the recent oil price hike rally-obviously a stadium with the capacity of less than 50K can't accommodate the "1 million" protesters initially intended), I can safely say that our PM has done it again.

Those slow tai-chi moves of his are now deadlier than ever.

(Pic: Rein Nomm)


Talk about flip-flopping, read No-confidence issue is not over, says SAPP . Talk is cheap. Just do it, will you!


KN36 said...

again my dear mr. lawyer. incumbency at what price? dare i hazard a slight change of word at the risk of mortal harm: from incumbency to imbecilic, would that have been more reflective?

WaTipuLu said...


Lawyer Kampung said...

kn36, you said it bro... the feeling is mutual ..how's the GTI btw ;-)?

KN36 said...

holding out good. waiting for you to make an appearance, speaking of which - when will it be?