Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Forgotten to some but not to this old man!

Interesting piece from Rocky's Bru today, read rocky's bru: Forgotten Saga

Yes, as rocky put it, it may have been an embarrassment and even an obstacle, to some, but not to this old man (I am not talking about Che Det by the way). He always thought highly of the feat and how the industry has catapulted the country once into the realm of industrialized nations. "Are we still heading there?" sometimes he would ask me. I did not know what to answer actually.

Sadly the original saga that he got in 1985 (as a token from Proton and the nation for naming the national car) is no more with him. He had to let go of the car to make ends meet (back in the 90's) for the family. My sisters and I were in the midst of furthering our studies to various institutions of higher learning during that time and that means money.

I did buy him an 85' Mazda 323 few years back (got it cheap from my father in law-you can always count on the father-in-laws). He loves the car but I know deep inside in him it is still not the Saga to replace the one he sold.


Caustic Dude said...

The children, or at least the son, have a mission of a lifetime to accomplish. If it was me, I would locate the same car, buy it back, with the original registration number.

I would then buy a Perdana, or if I can afford it, buy the same car I'm driving and transfer the registration number to this spanking new car and say "here you go dad, I got your old car back. See the registration if you don't believe me".

Lawyer Kampung said...

Not now lah caustic dude ;-) ..not while the price of petrol is at this level, he would not approved of it pun...but thanks for the suggestion though!

Caustic Dude said...

I agree with the old man about things being expensive these days. Thanks a lot PakLah.

Personally, I don't get sentimental with worldly possession. I think no one should.

But seriously dude, get him a spanking new car and when you do, tell him "this is not exactly the car you loved but this is the best I could do". Could be a Kancil, could a Perdana, as long as it's a car.

He'll forget about his old love in less than two days.

Lawyer Kampung said...

terimakasih again bro for the suggestion :-) the way nice blog you got there caustic dude.. welcome to the blogosphere ...keep it up!

Caffeine Addict said...

Proton should give him a new car, the new Saga at the very least.

Anonymous said...

I agree with caffeine addict. Proton, where is that saga (new one) for Pak Ismail?